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Important Information

All products sold by www.eco-gadget.com (a unit of SRK Online FZ LLC) come with their respective vendor warranty terms.

Most brands offer 1 Year local warranty unless specified on the Invoice.

Depending on the brands warranty terms, they may offer Local or International warranty as applicable. Please contact us for more information.

Please ensure to keep a copy of your Purchase invoice for future warranty verification purpose for the period of the warranty.

  • Accessories such as keyboard, mouse, speaker, cable, battery & power adaptor are not covered under any warranty claims, unless mentioned specifically on the invoice.
  • Software sold cannot be returned or exchanged, and are NOT covered under warranty.
  • For faulty hardware items, 2 to 4 weeks time is required by their respective service centre for repairs. The repair time may vary for different brands and ECO GADGET.COM (a unit of SRK ONLINE FZ LLC) cannot be held liable for any delay thereof by the service centres.
  • There is no warranty for physical damaged/ virus/tampered items, or broken seals by the customers.
  • Service Centre is not responsible for any data loss & customers are advised to take make regular data backup of their devices and specially, before giving the unit to the service centre.
  • Product found as defective or with manufacturer fault under warranty period shall be repaired or replaced as per respective service provider decision only.
  • All branded items such as ASUS, ACER, DELL, HP, LENOVO, MSI, WACOM, have customer carry back warranty to respective service Centre only.

How to claim warranty service ?

Warranty service will be provided by the Vendor service centre or their authorised service providers as may be applicable. 

Step 1 - Please refer the contact details mentioned on Brand Service centres page and contact them for warranty support. As part of warranty verification, please be prepared with a copy of your invoice, product details and explain the problem that you are facing with the item. Vendor service call centre team will try to assist you and try to resolve the issue through phone. If the issue cannot be resolved by phone, they may ask you to bring the defective product to their service centre or drop it to their nearest collection point/service centre as may be applicable.

Step 2 - Upon receipt of item by the service provider, the item will be inspected. If the warranty terms apply, the item will be repaired free of cost. If its identified that the damage is not covered under warranty, an estimate will be provided to you for approval. Post your approval the service provider will repair the item. 

Step 3 - Post repair of product you will be informed of the pick up date. You can either arrange to pick up the product personally from service centre or their designated service collection points or arrange for a courier to ship back to you as soon as possible, as per the warranty terms for respective brands.

All warranty services are at the decision and discretion of the respective service providers as per the brand warranty terms applicable. 

WWW.ECO-GADGET.COM operated by SRK ONLINE FZ LLC is not responsible for vendor warranty policies and decisions related to warranty support, is solely at their discretion. 

Please note that we are a reseller of the brands and the warranty responsibility, lies with the Brand / vendor through there Authorised service providers and service centres.

For any queries related to warranty support send us email - support@eco-gadget.com