Recycling your Gadget

Your electronic gadget leaves an imprint on this earth 2 times during its life, the 1st time is when you buy the product and dispose of its packaging, and the 2nd time is when you decide to upgrade and dispose of a non-working device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc).

Have you wondered - what happens to the packaging of the electronic products you have bought recently ?

Most probably it gets thrown with the garbage and finds its way into a landfill.

We understand the challenge we face, so as an Electronics gadget store we try to source products with minimal plastic packaging, in some cases, we work closely with our suppliers to change to Recyclable packaging where possible.

When you dispose of your device, what happens to it ? Should you dispose it in the trash ?

Be it your phone, tablet, laptop or any other electrical device, these gadgets have metals and plastics which can harm the environment, so please be responsible when disposing of them. If you have an old working device please try to donate or swap with a new one using Exchange programs run by brands and retailer regularly.

Never dispose them with your home trash. Try and find a recycling facility or government organisation in your city which takes in old electronic devices. They will send these gadgets to recycling facilities where the metals and plastics will be seperated and recycled back ethically so that they don't harm the environment.


If you have any queries on disposing off your old gadgets please get in touch with us.

We are trying to make a change, though small, we feel every journey needs to begin with a small step.